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AXXAIR Distributors

If your company would like to be considered for a distributorship, please contact us.
For more detailed information on how to become a distributor, call 281-968-7138,
or fill out our Distributor form.

AXXAIR USA is expanding across North America.

Becoming an Authorized AXXAIR Distributor
AXXAIR products are only available in North America through our network of distributors representing our company with sales, service and support. Each distributor is responsible for particular regions and has pledged to offer the kind of service that AXXAIR customers have come to expect.

To become an authorized AXXAIR distributor your company must be prepared to:

  • Purchase and distribute our full line of products
  • Service your customers
  • Keep products in stock


    Red-D-Arc Welderentals

    Red-D-Arc WelderentalsTM (an Airgas company) rents and leases welding equipment of all kinds - anywhere in the world. Red-D-Arc has over 70 Service Centers, strategically located around the globe with a rental fleet of over 60,000 welders, 3,700 weld positioners, and 3,700 electric-power generators.

    We can supply you with the equipment you need - where you need it - when you need it.

    Visit the Red-D-Arc web site.



    Industrial Solutions & Innovation, LLC

    Industrial Solutions & Innovation (ISI) is located in Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston. ISI is a full service company with expertise in every aspect of pipe and tube fabrication with over 30 years of experience in the industrial welding industry.

    ISI serves Axxair-USA customers in Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.
    Visit the ISI web site.



    Ultra Torq

    Ultra Torq supplies customers across Eastern Canada with cost-saving production hydraulics and pneumatics systems solutions.

    We were incorporated in 2002 with a professional team that has over 130 man years of experience in several industries including refineries, mechanical construction, smelters, and wind farms.  Visit the Ultra Torq web site.



    United Welding Supply Inc.

    United Welding Supply is located in Portland, Oregon. United Welding Supply provides a wide range of quality welding supplies and equipment and services the Portland area for Axxair-USA.



    Morgan Industrial Technology, Inc.

    Morgan Industrial Technology (MIT) is located in Ozark, Missouri. MIT offers an extensive range of fabrication equipment and is the full service distributor for AXXAIR customers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.
    Visit the Morgan web site.



    Pure Supply Inc.

    Pure Supply, located in Dayton, Kentucky, is the full service distributor for AXXAIR in Kentucky and Ohio.
    Visit the Pure Supply web site.



    Automated Arc Systems

    Located in Philadelphia, PA, Automated Arc Systems has represented the orbital cutting and welding automation industry for over 30 years. Along with their affiliate companies, Pennsylvania Welding Supply and South Jersey Welding Supply, they stock our full line of products and can handle all of your sales and service needs. Their territory for AXXAIR products consists of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.
    Visit the web site.



    R & B Welding Applications

    R & B Welding Applications is located in Chatsworth, California. R & B Welding Applications provides a wide range of welding supplies and equipment and services California for Axxair-USA.
    Visit the R & B web site.



    Gases and Arc Supply, Inc.

    Gases and Arc Supply is located in Denver, Colorado and offers a wide range of welding supplies and equipment and services Colorado for Axxair-USA.





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