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Tube-Pipe Orbital Welding Machines and Equipment

Orbital Welding Equipment

AXXAIR USA provides orbital weld heads for sanitary tubing applications and power supply units.

Tube-Pipe Orbital Welding Machines and Equipment
AXXAIR Orbital Weld heads for tube (0.25" to 4.5")

- Water-cooled units
- Stainless steel collets
- Perfect for thin wall tubing
- Compatible with AMI Power Supplies

AXXAIR USA orbital weld heads come in three different models - Contact Us for questions or to find the size that will meet your needs.

AXXAIR Welding Features:

Durable Fittings and Connections
These welding units are built to last and will hold up to the kind of abuse expected in a welding shop or at an on-site project.

AMI Compatibility
AXXAIR weld heads are compatible with AMI power supplies - no need to purchase additional power units if you already use certain AMI units.

Tube-Pipe Orbital Welding Machines and Equipment

Quick Connect Collets
The collets can be attached and removed very quickly without the use of any hardware. These units are built to accomodate thin wall applications.




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